About Us

We are a VC Backed Colombia based next-gen entertainment company focused in creating narrative original IP through high production value mobile games. Our games have had great reception from both specialized critic and players. We have grown over the last years as one of the most recognized studios in Latin America.

We have two studios (Bogota and Medellin), an experienced multi-disciplinary team and a propietary full stack backend, multi-player and technology foundation (Brainztorm). We strive to make our titles not just a great mobile gaming experience, but also to fill them with rich narratives and characters that make the worlds our titles take place in much more engaging and fun to get to know. These storyworlds are powered by our highly talented crew, that has known how to pour their best material into games we can feel genuinely proud of.

Our Team

Alejandro Gonzalez

Studio Director

Jairo Nieto

Chief Creative

Andres Gutierrez

Tech Director

Juan Duque

Content Director

John Gutierrez

Scrum Master

Andres Lopez

Gameplay Developer

Santiago Gonzalez

Frontend Developer

Jose Piñeros

Frontend Developer

Eduar Carvajal

Lead Backend Developer

Julian Molina

Backend Developer

Jhoneider Vanegas

Frontend Developer

Nicolas Trillos

Gameplay Developer

Carlos Quintero

Lead Artist

Andy Vargas

Lead Animator

James Moreless

Level Designer

David Suarez

Technical Artist

David Castellanos

Technical Artist

Arthur Sanchez

Office Manager

Work With Us!

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Board & Advisors

Diego Angel

Angel Studios, Rockstar Games

Camilo Marrugo


Sean Kauppinen

Triplepoint, Sony Online Entertainment, Frogster, IDEA

Ralf Adam

Gameforge, Flaregames

Product Advisors

Alex Mandryka

Game Design, Ubisoft, Relic

Jason Schklar

UX Direction. Disney, Amazon, Microsoft Game Studios, Zynga, Big Huge Games