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Vampire Season - Monster Defense

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Genre: Adventure | Strategy
Published by: BRAINZ SAS
Platform: iOS
Price: Free
Age Rating: 9+
User Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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What’s new in version 2.3

What's New?
New Adventure: Trick or treat - Join the event to save Wendy the Witch and add her to your army!
*Important: If you are updating the game, make sure play level 10 again to begin this new adventure!

New Character: Wendy the Witch, a powerful caster that can turn enemies into explosive pumpkins can now be added to your army!

Game Balance: Some levels were adjusted to improve your Dracula defending experience.

Bug Fixes: We searched for more bugs. We found them. They are no more.

What’s it about?

Vampire Season – Monster Defense is a tower defense game where players have to defend count Dracula from the forces of good through various levels. There are many ways to dispatch Dracula’s attackers, beginning with an ample menagerie of monsters and items that will paint a grin on the evil side of your brain. Resources are scarce and each decision counts.

What will I find?

30 Story Mode levels

Make it through all 30 (zirty) levels of hazardous fighting. Through forests, swamps, dungeons, labs and more, enemies will relentlessly try to reach Dracula’s coffin. Who is behind all that hate?

Survival Mode (Easy, Medium and Hard).

For those seeking a challenge, this is where it gets real. An infinite amount of enemies will attempt to kill the count. Pick your favorite and strongest monsters, but don’t underestimate your luck, “The Horror Roulette” will make you use the best of your strategy skills. How long can you last?

Note: We are not responsible for device detonation against the wall. Specially on Hard mode. It’s just hard.

One does not simply ignore their enemies.
You will be fighting wizards that can freeze, princes that can charm, pirates that can plunder and even ninjas that can… ninja. All of the enemies will make every decision you make Count. No pun intended (pun intended).

Accessorizing for success.

Use in-game items to make your monsters more powerful. Give Excalibur to a Ghost not only to increase his damage, but also to make everyone’s argument invalid. Seriously. How can a Ghost wield a sword?

We can make your monster better, we have the technology.

Upgrade monsters as you play. Do you like the Headless Horseman? Make him the envy of the battlefield. Think the Warlock should be the backbone of your army? Turn him into a magic wielding behemoth. Don’t know what a behemoth is? We can’t help you there.

There is no I in combinations. There’s two Is.

Secret monster and item combinations await you. Like when you mix the Zombie and the Vampire to create a powerful Zampire. Ok, that one’s not secret anymore, but that doesn’t make it less powerful.


Thanks to cutting edge wizardry, you will be able to use different spells to boost your army for a short period, making their jobs easier. Show your monsters some love.

What’s special about this one?

Vampire Season – Monster Defense sends a clear message: expect more. It is reminiscent of the thrills delivered by triple-A strategy PC games in the past. It takes the challenging experience of its desktop cousins and combines it with the friendliness of its mobile predecessors. But it doesn’t stop there: It melds pop culture with classical horror delivering a compelling story with a comic undertone. It is both funny and fun. And hard.

Vampire Season not only respects the intelligence of its audience, it challenges it.

¡See what people are saying!

Left Right
This is really a show-piece game for iOS and its one that you’ll be getting out to show your mates when you have your iPad with you…Everything about the presentation, to the game itself looks stunning. Lighting effects are really nice, animations are tight, and character design is perfect…Vampire Season is a must own iOS title if you want to show off the power of your mighty iPad.

We love the fact that Vampire Season has something a bit different to offer. There’s an almost League of Legends feel to the manipulation of your characters on the screen. As well as being a very satisfying tactical game, the art and music are also fantastic, and there are some genuinely funny aspects to the creature descriptions and storytelling.

Chris Buffa

Vampire Season was a great reminder of what I like about the tower defense and RTS genres so much, and I have a feeling it will resonate with other people in much the same way.

Dant Rambo
I’m happy to report that Vampire Season completely trumped my expectations. This game is a joy to play, and with it’s 3D rendered graphics and freedom from any sort of real grid-based gameplay, this game ends up feeling more like a polished tribute to old Warcraft 3 sessions than it does any sort of mobile game at all, much less PvZ.

Alex Faciane
Vampire Season is a high quality game with great production values. Its 3D in-game graphics are clear and animate smoothly, while between levels some entertaining and amusing cutscenes give a sense of unfolding — if rather silly — narrative to the proceedings. It feels like a highly-polished game, in short, and it will likely attract many players due to its price point.

Vampire Season is highly entertaining, hilarious and incredibly addictive.

Amanda Dyar

There’s an awful lot to like about Vampire Season: it’s a beautifully drawn game, there’s great variety in the cast of characters, and this is a game that knows better than to take itself too seriously.

John Bedford

…And boy does this game ooze “unique.” From your iPad-toting Zombie constantly bemoaning the delay of a zombie apocalypse while his kind “waits for some plants to die” to the enemy jocks who cast “nuclear wedgies,” Vampire Season compliments its challenging strategic gameplay with dozens of pop culture references and riffs on the typical supernatural archetypes.”


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