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Audio Ninja

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Genre: Music | Music
Published by: BRAINZ SAS
Co-producer: Cocodrilo Dog Games
Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99
Age Rating: 12+
User Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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What’s new in version 1.3.1

iOS 8 Crash bug fixed

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What’s it about?

Audio Ninja puts you in control of Ninjipu, a young ninja who is having some trouble finding his own path. But when he is given a secret weapon by his spiritual master, he gains the power to defeat his enemies by following the rythm: your rythm.

Have you noticed how when you listen to music you unconsciously follow the rhythm by moving your head, or even tapping your fingers on the table? This game takes advantage of the latter, allowing you to defeat Ninjipu’s enemies while feeling the beat of the music. You will be immersed in a cartoon-like environment with a simple, yet beautiful, character design along with funny and innovative animations, and driven by a contemporary musical experience.

What will I find?

Get the rhythm before they get you.

All of Ninjipu’s enemies are either painted with light or dark color. Ninjipu can perform two types of attacks: a dark one and a light one, both corresponding to its matching enemy type. Enemies will come at you in musical rhythm tempo: the dark enemies will match low percussion beats and the light enemies will match hi-percussion ones. To defeat them, you must use dark and light attacks in the correct percussion patterns.

Beat 33 levels

Defeat your enemies as you feel the beat through three different environments, comprising 33 levels of pure tapping fun.

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As you play through the levels, you will be able to use special headphones which will allow Ninjipu to accelerate, slow down, or even move backwards in time. Also, other power-ups, such as a Microwave Oven, 3D Glasses and a Tractor will allow you to automatically defeat dark enemies, light enemies or both.

It isn’t over until the fat lady… I mean, the bird sings

In some levels players will be presented with improvised sequences, which vary every time they play. These sequences will be foretold by “birds of fate” and will let the player prepare for the incoming beats. Be ready to be kept on your toes!

What’s special about this one?

Audio Ninja delivers a deep musical experience with very simple mechanics. Tapping two fingers on the screen will take you beyond the beat, will make you blast the drums against evil, and allow you to experience mechanics such as pitch shifting and improvisation. It is truly an original view on a genre that was becoming tried and true.


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